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Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework, when assigned, should enable students to practice and apply skills taught in the classroom. Homework should include those activities which can be completed independently outside the school, but have direct application to what is being studied in school. Homework provides an opportunity to establish good study habits, to work independently, and to extend classroom learning through projects, reports or extra credit activities. Homework also may be rote practice such as math facts or meeting in groups to work on collaborative projects. Work that is assigned should be of reasonable length, understood by the students, and should encourage an interest in learning outside of the classroom.
What is Daily Homework Time?

Daily Homework Time is a pre-planned time set aside each day during which your child must do homework. During Daily Homework Time all other activities must cease. Your child must understand that she/he must stop playing, get off the phone, turn off the TV, go to the study area and get to work. You and your child should agree in advance about when Daily Homework Time will be scheduled each day. The actual time chosen is unimportant. What is important is that you and your child know each day when homework is expected to be done. Your child must understand that homework is the number-one priority.
Responsibility of the Student:

    All homework assignment and due dates should be written in the planner daily (Hutchinson provides all students with a planner)
    Do not fold back or tear out pages from the planner.
    Follow the teacher's directions for the assignment.
    Complete assigned work accurately and neatly.
    Have a designated place to put completed homework so it is ready for school the next day (for example: in backpack, next to the door, in the car, etc.)
    When requested, show the planner to teacher and parent as a means of communication. Parent/teacher may be asked to sign planner acknowledging the communication.
    Return completed work to school when due.
    If necessary, make an appointment with your teacher to come in after school for help with homework or a class project.

Responsibility of the Parent:

    Provide an opportunity and a place to work so that the student establishes good study habits and learns to work independently.
    Set aside a regular time for student to study.
    Assist the student in accepting responsibility for completing and returning completed work when due by reviewing the planner daily.
    Inform the teacher and request homework at least one day in advance if there is to be a prolonged absence (3 or more days).
    Pick up homework from the office after 3:15 p.m. when there is a prolonged absence.

Set Up Daily Homework Time!