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Hutchinson Middle School

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Fall Break Nov. 20th-24th - No School
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Hutchinson Library

Hutchinson​ ​Library​ ​Rules​

    Library​ ​Hours: ​ ​9:35​ ​am-​ ​1:05​ ​pm   

Media Clerk: Mrs. Guzman


Book​ ​Checkout 

  • Present your Student ID card and Book(s) to be checked out at the
  • checkout counter.
  • 3 Library Books may be checked out at a time for an interval of 2 weeks.
  • To Renew​ a book, please bring the book to the library counter.
  • Reference material may not be checked out.
  • Books checked out are your responsibility. You will be charged for loss or damage.
  • Be especially careful of water damage. (i.e. Water bottles in backpacks)  


Text​ ​Books 

  • A set of Textbooks are issued to each student at Registration.
  • Textbooks are to be returned at the end of the school year at a designated date.
  • Textbooks issued are​ ​Your​ ​Responsibility​. You will be charged for Loss or Damage. (They are very expensive!!!)


Library​ ​Computers 

  • Be aware that all Library Computer use is monitored.
  • Library Computers are to be used for School Assignments.
  • No Personal Email (NLMUSD Gmail only)
  • No Games, Movie Clips, Uploads, or manipulating site data.
  • Printers are to be used for​ ​school​ ​assignments​ ​only​.
  • Be careful when printing - selecting only the articles/pictures needed. Let Mrs. Guzman give a quick check before printing. Push print only once, if there is a printing problem check with Mrs. Guzman.
  • Log off your student account before leaving - Do NOT Shut Down.


General​ ​Library​ ​Rules 

  • No gum, food or drinks permitted!
  • Any Library materials used, needs to be returned to the proper locations.
  • Clean up your work area and push in the chairs before leaving.
  • Be respectful of students using the library as a quiet place to study and read.