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Hutchinson Middle School

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Behavioral Expectations

Behavioral Expectations

  • Hutchinson students are expected to behave and conduct themselves in such a manner as not to disrupt the normal educational process and to continue their growth toward maturity and self-responsibility. Each student needs to assume an active role in his/her educational program to make it a meaningful experience.

  • Students are not to arrive on campus more than 15 minutes before school begins, unless they are inside a classroom for tutoring, where proper supervision is provided. Students must remain in the classroom until 8:15 a.m. No supervision is provided outside the classroom prior to 8:15 a.m.

  • Students are expected to exhibit:

    1. Self-control
    2. Appreciation of the rights of others
    3. Respect for school property and the property of others
    4. Appropriate social behavior
    5. Compliance with individual teacher's classroom standards
    6. Compliance with the school dress code


  • The following behaviors are inappropriate in the Hutchinson School environment and will result in a referral and/or disciplinary action:

    1. Fighting, threatening, reporting threats to others, or encouraging others to fight.
    2. Harassment or intimidation of any sort, verbal or physical.
    3. Gambling, cheating, fraudulent activities, falsification of any type (including use of lunch tickets to which you are not entitled).
    4. Riding bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or any unauthorized vehicle on campus.
    5. Eating or drinking outside designated areas.
    6. Bringing unsafe or inappropriate devices to school, electronic devices such as CD players, iPods, MP3 players, cameras, video cameras, computer games, radios, tape players, hair spray, aerosol sprays, trading cards, comic books, glass containers, or any other items that interfere with the educational process.
    7. Bringing skateboards, scooters, or rollerblades to school.
    8. Displaying physical affection.
    9. Disrespectful or disruptive behavior anywhere on campus.
    10. Shooting or throwing any objects.
    11. Leaving the instructional area, loitering on campus, in the restrooms, or other unauthorized areas on or near campus.
    12. Leaving campus. Students are to remain on the school grounds at all times, as Hutchinson is a closed campus.
    13. Possession and/or use of gum or seed.
    14. Running in the passageways, rooms, or on the asphalt (except during organized activities in designated areas).
    15. Buying, trading or selling of candy or other goods. Selling or buying items from students other than sanctioned school fundraiser items, which are to be sold only after school.
    16. Using a marker to mark any public property. Do not bring markers to school. Washable markers are only allowed when authorized and supervised by a teacher.
    17. Spreading rumors or gossip.
    18. Students out of class during instructional time without a hall pass.
    19. Students in unauthorized areas such as hallways, fields during break and lunch.
    20. Using or having cell phones turned on during school hours.


  • Hutchinson students are expected to leave campus immediately after the dismissal bell unless the student is participating in a school sponsored activity and is directly supervised by school personnel.

  • Hutchinson students are not allowed on other school campuses without permission from that school's principal.

  • Students are not allowed in hallways before school, during break, or at lunch.

  • Students are to keep their backpacks in their possession; never leave them unattended.

  • Visitors are not permitted on campus without prior permission from the office.

In an effort to help students conduct themselves in a manner that is beneficial to the educational process, the Hutchinson staff offers the following as methods to improve student behavior:

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Suspension ( Out of school )
  • Counseling
  • School Local Guidance Committee
  • Parent Contact
  • Referral to School Attendance Review Board
  • After School Detention
  • Community Service
  • Behavior Contract
  • District Guidance Committee Referral
  • Exclusion from Activities
  • Involuntary Transfer
  • In-House Suspension
  • Expulsion

Cheating and/or copying another student's work is a very serious infraction of school rules. To do this is unfair to the students who have worked hard on their assignments, unfair to the teachers who have worked hard to help students learn, and most of all; it is unfair to the student involved. The objective of a student's activity at Hutchinson is to learn. An unearned grade signifies that the student has learned the worst kind of lesson. Cheating and/or copying will result in an automatic “no credit” for the test or assignment and possible disciplinary action.

After-School Detention/Community Service
Students may be assigned after-school detention or community service by individual teachers, the school counselor, or administrators. Parents will be notified of the date and time of the detention or community service. Failure to attend assigned detentions or community service will result in further disciplinary action.

Serious Offenses According to State Law and District Policy The school has jurisdiction over students on their way to school, while at school, and in route home from school. Section 48900 of the California Education Code enumerates specific offenses serious enough to warrant suspension or expulsion including, but not limited t

      • Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person
      • Willfully used force or violence upon the person of another, except in self-defense

  1. Possessed, sold, or otherwise furnished any firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous object
  2. Unlawfully possessed, used, sold, or otherwise furnished, or been under the influence of any controlled substance
  3. Unlawfully offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell any controlled substance, alcohol or intoxicant and then furnished to another person and represented it as a controlled substance
  4. Committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion
  5. Caused or attempted to cause damage to school property or private property
  6. Stolen or attempted to steal school property or private property
  7. Possessed or used tobacco, or any products containing tobacco or nicotine products
  8. Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity
  9. Unlawfully possessed or unlawfully offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia
  10. Disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority of school officials or personnel
  11. Knowingly received stolen school property or private property
  12. Possessed an imitation firearm
  13. Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault or battery
  14. Harassed, threatened or intimidated a pupil who is a witness
  15. Unlawfully offered, arranged to sell, negotiated to sell, or sold the prescription drug Soma
  16. Engaged in or attempted to engage in hazing
  17. Aids or abets the infliction or attempted infliction of physical injury to another person
  18. Engaged in sexual harassment
  19. Caused, attempted to cause or threatened to cause hate violence
  20. Engaged in harassment, threats, or intimidation
  21. A pupil making a terrorist threat against school officials or school property or both