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Dress Code

Dress Code

School Uniforms

Based on information that student uniforms help to create a positive learning climate, contribute to safe schools, and encourage higher standards of excellence for students in the areas of achievement and behavior, the Board of Education has adopted a mandatory uniform policy for grades K-8. The policy contains a section on parent rights to exempt their children from the uniform requirements. The exemption form may signed by the parent in the school office. The uniform for Hutchinson Middle School consists of white shirts/blouses with collars or spirit shirt and dark navy blue bottoms. They can be purchased at JC Penney, Mervyns, Nordstrom and Target among other stores. Resources are available to assist economically disadvantaged students.

Dress Code

Hutchinson Middle School is committed to safety and to providing all students with a positive learning climate. In support of Board Policy, the school follows the uniform policy and has established a dress code that requires students to wear clothing that is neat, clean, safe and appropriate for school activities. Students must dress with appropriate taste and must not disrupt the learning process, endanger student safety, or communicate an unwanted or dangerous message. If there is a doubt as to whether a garment is appropriate for school, we suggest that it not be worn. To assist parents and students to avoid the unwitting purchase of items of clothing which may communicate an unwanted or dangerous message, Hutchinson Middle School has compiled the following standards in the best interest of all students and the education process.

I. Shirts, Blouses, Tops And Outerwear (Jackets/Sweatshirts)

All tops, shirts and blouses must be hemmed and properly buttoned.  Undergarments and midriff skin are not to be visible at any time. No oversized clothing is allowed. Oversized arm holes are not allowed.  Blouses and shirts must have a minimum of a 2 inch strap. Racerback blouses are not allowed.  Jackets and sweatshirts with hoods may be worn; however, the hood may NOT be worn over the head at any time. 

II. Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Dresses

Pants, skirts, shorts and dresses are to be of proper length and hemmed; no frayed edges or ripped/torn garments are allowed. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist, not below the waistline or at the hip line. Skirts and shorts should be no shorter than fingertip length when measured with arms straight down the side of the leg. If tights or leggings are worn, they must be worn under a skirt, dress or shorts.   No oversized clothing is allowed. No undergarments may be seen at any time.   Straps on dresses must have a minimum of a 2 inch strap.  No strapless dresses - unless worn with a sweater or shrug.  Racerback strap dresses are not allowed.  

III. Socks, Shoes, Boots

Protective footwear must be worn on campus at all times. Backless shoes are not allowed. Steeltoed shoes are not allowed. Sandals must be securely fastened with heel and side supports.

IV. Hats, Caps, Visors

Hats, caps, visors  may only be worn outdoors as sun protection.  Hats are not to be worn inside a building.

V. Gang-Affiliated Attire

Any item of clothing which promotes gangs or suggests gang affiliation may not be worn. Specifically not allowed are: hair nets, bandanas, spiked collars, belt buckles with initials or gang symbols, chains, dangling suspenders, and other gang-related apparel.

VI. Sunglasses

Sunglasses may not be worn except  prescription sunglasses.

VII. Graphics, Prints, Signs, and Symbols

Clothing and accessories must not promote racism, sexism, ethnic or religious bigotry, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, tagging, gangs, graffiti or other illegal activities. Garments must be free of questionable or suggestive printing or drawings of a sexual nature.

VIII. Belts

Belts must be of appropriate length and properly threaded through the belt loops. Belts with studs are not allowed.

The Hutchinson Middle School Dress Code may be modified as needed to address student safety or other clothing trends.


"When a dress code violation has occurred, the student shall be required to change attire and/or relinquish unacceptable accessories. If a change of clothing is required from home, the parent shall be notified and required to bring acceptable attire to school. Any student who repeatedly violates the dress code shall be subject to more extreme disciplinary actions as the violation has escalated to an issue of defiance. The parent shall be notified and given the opportunity to discuss the matter."