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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Board of Education of the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District believes that one of the major functions of the public schools is the preparation of youth for citizenship in our nation. The Board also believes that responsible, self-disciplined, constructive members of society represent the kind of citizenship our nation needs today. A student's acceptance of individual responsibility and self-discipline are therefore among the important goals of education.

The Board of Education firmly supports the concept that all students have a right to learn and all teachers have a right to teach in a dignified and disciplined atmosphere.

The Board of Education declares that manners, morals, and discipline are basic to education and are part of the student's educational experience. Actions that are disruptive to the educational process are unacceptable. The Board of Education further believes that the ultimate responsibility for a student's behavior is that of the parent.

It shall be the policy of the Board of Education that standards of student behavior be maintained. The entire school staff, students and parents or guardians collectively have the responsibility for maintenance of standards.

Within the context of this policy and supporting rules and regulations, each school will develop a school discipline plan designed to meet the specific needs of their school community.

The principal shall be responsible for establishing a positive climate to ensure the quality of the educational setting desired for the schools of the district.