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Independent Study Programs

Independent Study and Virtual Programs
We are Currently Accepting Applications for the
2023-2024 School Year
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Please contact Ryan Medina via email at: [email protected]
Questions? Call: (562) 210-3632 for English or (562) 210-3599 for Spanish.
Independent Study & Virtual Program Overview
The Independent Study and Virtual programs are optional alternatives available to students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This programs are in response to the needs of the student, their interests, aptitudes, and abilities. As an alternative, it is expected to be equal or superior in quality to traditional classroom instruction. The objective is for each student to reach the highest level of educational achievement possible on an individualized basis. Students in Independent Study and Virtual programs are actively involved in their own educational process and have the capacity to work at their own pace with the support of credentialed instructors representing all core content areas. 
The programs provide an alternative to students whose educational needs may best be met through academic pursuits outside of the comprehensive classroom setting. Participation in these programs accommodate students' physical attendance in school and promotes independence and resourcefulness for students who hold intrinsic academic motivation. 
The Independent Study program in the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District provides students the opportunity to learn through traditional curriculum as well as via online platforms while students enrolled in the Virtual Academy complete all coursework through our online platforms (Acellus/Edgenuity). Students in both programs meet weekly with their teacher during scheduled appointments and have ongoing academic support available throughout the week with their own teacher or with a teacher from any of our content areas. High school students in both programs also have the option to participate in Dual Enrollment courses offered by Cerritos College to earn college, as well as high school credit.
Students have the opportunity to meet with instructors and receive support at our Alternative Education Center (formerly Los Coyotes Middle School) in La Mirada and our Community Resource Campus (formerly Huerta Elementary) in Norwalk. Students enrolled in the programs will have the opportunity to participate in in-person activities such as projects for elective courses and science labs. In addition to academic assistance, both locations offer full service counseling and mental health and wellness support; in addition to access to other community resources. 
K-8 Independent Study/Virtual Academy
The K-8 Independent Study program is designed to support parents who choose to instruct their child or children at home. Parents provide direction and monitor student progress, and instructional strategies are responsive to the individual learning needs of the student. A credentialed instructor oversees and works closely with each parent and provides the appropriate educational materials. All curricular materials are NLMUSD board-approved and align with the core curriculum districtwide. Parents have the ability to choose from traditional Independent Study materials or utilize the Virtual platform (Acellus) we offer students.
Student Responsibilities:
• Participate in meeting their educational goals
• Work on assignments/core subjects daily
• Have cooperative attitudes toward parent/teacher guidance
• Complete assigned work to meet all due dates
Parent Responsibilities:
• Provide an environment that is conducive to student learning
• Provide direct instruction and supervision of student learning based on district approved curriculum
• Keep records of student activities • Participate with student in scheduled weekly conferences with the instructor
Short Term Independent Study
If your student will be out of school for 5-20 days for an illness, injury, or family vacation, it may be possible to sign them up for Short Term Independent Study (STIS).
Parents must complete the STIS application prior to the absence, and the student must work with all teachers PRIOR to the absence to obtain all class work and assignments to be completed during the STIS period.
During STIS, the student will complete all work assigned by their teachers. Upon return to Hutchinson, the work is submitted to the teachers and the absence will be cleared. This is a solution for families when students are obligated to be absent from school for a week to one month. please complete the form below, or contact Mrs. Bae for more information at [email protected]