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Hutchinson Middle School

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The Hutchinson Middle School Music Department is dedicated to educating students in life skills and strategies through the performance of music.  We strive to create a positive learning environment that encourages students to be responsible to themselves and the society of which they are a part.  Students are made aware of their expectations and goals as a collective group and an individual.  Through the careful study and performance of music, students are taught to make creative choices and express themselves in a safe and constructive environment, which will prepare them for life in this constantly changing global economy.

Music is an important part of a well-rounded education.  It is the most unique of academic subjects because it integrates so many traits that can enhance a student’s performance in school.  Many educational and social qualities are built into the study of music.  In addition, the study of music improves a student’s ability to organize, refine, and creatively express feelings and thoughts the way no other subject can.  It develops a student’s ability to think subjectively by continually striving to improve one’s music-making abilities.  This will lead to a greater musical experience both as a performer and a listener.  These improved senses are crucial to human development.


Through the making of music, all participants in the Hutchinson band program will work towards the following musical and non-musical goals.


1. Development of an understanding of our musical heritage.

2. Development of the individual’s self-confidence through working as a team member.

3. Attainment of self-discipline through the development of group pride.

4. Respect for the feelings of fellow musicians.

5. Love and respect for the process of making music together.