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Hutchinson Middle School

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Welcome to Mr. Ebiner's Class.
Mr. Ebiner’s Beginning Guitar Syllabus
In this guitar class, you will learn how to read and play notation - which is used most of the time in this class. You will also learn how to read chords and tablature. You will be introduced to several styles and you should be able to play several songs by the end of the term.
This class counts for your GPA just as much as a math class or science class, or any other class.
Written Work: 20%
Written Tests: 20%
Performance Quizzes: 40%
Final Performance: 10%
Behavior and Effort: 10%
Once everything is averaged, your final grade will be:
90-100% A
80-89% B
70-79% C
60-69% D
59% or less F
A performance quiz looks like this. I call you back individually to the back of the class and you play a short tune for me. I grade you on the spot. I often take an additional 2-5 minutes to give you specific suggestions on how you can personally improve. Meanwhile, the rest of the class is works quietly on a written test or some other written work. If you refuse to play you will get a 0% (zero percent).
Unlike some quizzes in some classes, in this class you can’t fake a performance quiz. It is very obvious to me whether you can play the song or not.